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Message from the Director

The International Cooperation Center for Agricultural Education (ICCAE) is a research institute mandated to function as a leading center for international cooperation in agricultural education. It was established in April, 1999, at Nagoya University, under the initiative of the Ministry of Education, Science Sports and Culture of Japan. I was appointed the Director on April 1, 2007, the 9th year of the institute’s operation. I succeeded the former Director, Professor Takeya, who was heavily involved in the conceptualization and foundation of the Center and led it through its rapid development.

ICCAE has been engaged in the many undertakings, in collaboration with several domestic and overseas universities, international cooperation agencies and educational/research institutions. Through these activities ICCAE has been strengthening the educational and research capacities of agricultural universities in developing countries, evaluating projects implemented by various international cooperation agencies, undertaking research related to agricultural and rural development in developing countries, and capacity building for researchers and technicians from developing countries and Japan. ICCAE has also been developing a human resource database of agricultural researchers and teachers throughout Japan, and research on the establishment and coordination of the human resources network needed for international cooperation by utilizing this database. I hope that I can contribute to the ongoing development of the Center and assist by building on the very important activities so far established.

The World Food Summit that was held in the FAO headquarters in 1996, with participants from 186 countries and regions of the world set a goal of reducing hunger in half by 2015. However, the major cause of human death is still hunger. The gap between satiation and hunger is even growing, and the achievement of such a goal appears extremely difficult. One of the primary solutions to the problem is education, not only in developing but also in developed countries.

The Government of Japan recognizes the importance of 'intellectual' contributions to developing countries. Japanese universities are expected to play a crucial role in this aspect. However, intellectual contributions to developing countries by Japanese universities have heavily depended on individuals. It is thus clear that the potential of the intellectual resources available at the universities have not been fully utilized. ICCAE aims to cooperate with domestic and international organizations, universities, aid agencies and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to expand networks of human resources for intellectual contributions and strengthen ICCAE's function as a leading center for international cooperation in agricultural education. We therefore would very much appreciate your active support and participation in our activities.

Prof. Akira YAMAUCHI
International Cooperation Center for Agricultural Education