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Site Policy

The International Cooperation Center for Agricultural Education (ICCAE) at Nagoya University runs this website (hereinafter "this Site") providing various kinds of services and information. ICCAE cordially requests the customers to follow the below regulations, that could be changed without any notice.


1. Copyrights

Copyrights with respect to information in this Site and other rights are owned by ICCAE or anyone who approved its usage to ICCAE. You are not permitted to copy, use, reprint any contents appearing in this Site without permission of ICCAE.

2. Indemnity

ICCAE pays the utmost attention when it puts any information on this Site. It, however, never guarantees the exactness, perfection, and usefulness of information. ICCAE is exempted from any responsibility for any damages caused by use of the information on this Site, and inability of using it for any purpose. ICCAE is also exempted from any damages or troubles of soft-wares and hard-wares caused by using this Site. ICCAE may change or delete information on this Site without any prior notices, or may suspend or stop the operations. It is exempted from any responsibility for any damages caused by it.

3. Links to this Site

The websites which are linked with this Site, or from which this Site is linked are supervised by the operators with his or her own responsibilities, not under the supervision of ICCAE. If you use any such websites, please follow the regulations of each site. ICCAE is exempted from any responsibility for the contents of their websites and any damages caused by using them. ICCAE just provides the links for customers' conveniences, not recommending usages of their websites, goods or services on their websites. These links do not mean any specific relationships between ICCAE and corporations or individuals who administer and operate the linked websites.

4. Privacy policy

ICCAE does its best to protect personal information provided by customers. Please refer to the page of "Privacy policy"

5. The change of the site policy

ICCAE may revise the site policy on this Site. In this case, ICCAE will notify it through this Site.

Recommended environments

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1. Browser software

Windows (98, NT, 2000, Me, XP)

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Mozilla ® Firefox

Macintosh (Mac OS 8.5 and after)

Microsoft ® Internet Explorer® 5 and more
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2. JavaScript and stylesheet

The JavaScript and the stylesheet are used in this Site, therefore, browser setting to use them is recommended. (If the above setting is not available, the screen may not be displayed properly and part of function may not be used.)

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